1. Biomass Gasifier based Distributed / Off-grid power programme for Rural Areas

2. Biomass Gasifier based Grid Connected Power Programme

3. Biomass gasifier based programmes in Rice Mills

The above programme / scheme will be implemented during 2010-110 as per the same funding norms / guidelines and other provisions applicable during 2009-10 and until such time the same is superseded by fresh / new programmes / schemes which are required to be formulated in alignment with the 11th Plan proposals. A physical target of 3 MW for decentralized / distributed system, 5 MW for grid-connected system and 15 MW for Industries have been set during 2010-11.

All State Nodal Agencies / State Nodal Departments and other concerned implementing agencies etc. are requested to initiate necessary action for implementation of “Biomass Gasifier based programmes” during the current financial year 2010-11 as per the guidelines enclosed at Appendix-I.